Corbin Red is a rebel of the other kind. While music is getting more synthetic and digital, he goes straight
„back to the roots“ and writes honest Americana- and Country-Songs with an occasional rocking manner.

„Three chords and the truth“

Harlan Howard

…that is what you’ll find here. In his lyrics he claims problems like fading social attention or human trafficing aswell as personal matters like change of life, wanderlust and the firework of love.
After his first single „Birds still sing“ released May 2021, he started searching musicians for his live band. In 2022 he will be on stage as much as possible to bring his music to you.

„an old woman on the pavement tryin‘ to pass the street,
a young man on his way home, kissin‘ concrete,

a teenager cryin‘, and you could stop her from dyin‘
but it’s a matter if you wanna see“

Corbin Red – Don’t look away


Other Projects:

Being an active musician over the years some projects came along, here are some of them:


Corbin’s first band is the alternative-rock three piece „THE CROWD“
Since 2005 Corbin is the singer, guitarist and songwriter. The last EP ALMOST LOST was recorded and produced by him.


Corbin is the guitarist of the bavarian folk-pop band „FRIDA„.
He is also producing the upcoming singles and does the arragement and songwriting with lead singer Markus Frisch.


Growing up with the music of Status Quo, Corbin plays rhythm guitar and sings in the tribute band „STATUS TWO“ in the position of Rick Parfitt.

Contact or Booking Corbin Red here.

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